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Look, look deep into nature

and you will understand everything

– Albert Einstein.

Who is Map

Driven by a curiosity about the natural world, Map began his wildlife career in 1974 when he joined the Zimbabwe National Parks Department as a field ranger working alongside some of the true legends of wildlife management and conservation. Returning to Botswana in 1983 he discovered the Okavango Delta and began a lifetime of study and guiding as he combined his natural enthusiasm for natural science with an understanding of the deep links between mankind and all living things. Much of his inspiration is based on an understanding of ‘Cosmos’, where everything has a place and function in a complex and yet orderly system whilst looking for the beauty and spirituality so apparent on Earth.

Go on Safari

Map has a way of joining you with your experience in ways you can only understand after you have been on safari with him. Educational, inspirational and with great joy – he will open your eyes, ears and mind to the world and your place in it. His experience become your experience and his eyes become yours, an extra dimension to what is already a wonderful trip.